CEO message

The company has deviated from steel and FRP ships from the beginning of our establishment, taking a leading role in the development and shipbuilding of aluminium small and medium ships. And it has the technology to carry out all phases of ship design and shipbuilding. It has the world's best technology and competitiveness for aluminium shipbuilding, such as small and medium public ships, fishery management ships, domestic and foreign passenger ships.
It has both professional production teams, designers, production managers, researcher, etc. and the production facility that has optimum environment and location on 10 to 100 ton scale.
The best quality ships are not only created by design but various production technicians and through continuous management, such as customized services to build trust with customer.

We promise customized services for our customers from the beginning of manufacture of ship and other product to inspection,
delivery and after services.

CEO Hyung Suk, Oh


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