Introduction of R&D Center


The company is conducting research to enhance the design and production technology of aluminium ships. It is also researching on technology that can respond to regulations of ship emissions and The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Design and analysis for hull form of aluminium ships
  • Design and productions of aluminium ships
  • Electric propulsion system for ships
  • Hydrogen fuel cell system for ships
  • CNG propulsion system for ships
  • Unmanned ship(Autonomous navigation technology, Marine communication, etc.)
  • Fisheries equipment
The use of FRP, which is vulnerable to fire, is prohibited on high speed passenger ships(maximum speed of 25 knots or higher) and high speed cargo ships(gross tonnage of 500 tons or more) that sail on the coast of Korea.
The former Ministry of Land amends the related laws in 2004 by accepting HSC Code of SOLAS in order to prevent casualties from sea fires in advance and enforced Nov. 2004. Therefore, it caused new material development for high value-added small ships with environment friendly, fire-resistant and reducing fuel consumption type
As FRP and wooden ships have small size and low radar intensity, large ships can not detect them and cause many accidents.
Marine accidents caused by fishing ships account for about 72.4% of the total and collisions by fishing ships account for about 58% of them. Therefore, it is predicted that replacing FRP ships with aluminium ships will be accelerating.
We consider aluminium ships will be the major ships.

- Aluminium has higher specific strength compared to other materials. Therefore, aluminium ships can have high speed due to light weight.
- Reduce fuel consumption
- Higher corrosion resistance than steel ships
- Recycling can be done
- Environment friendly
- High resistance to fire
- Harmless to humans
In Jeollanam-do where small and medium ships are frequently built, it is very important to prevent the sinking of environment friendly aluminium ships based on MGPS which can replace FRP and wooden ships.
Due to the above background, it is inevitable to switch public ships in priority to aluminium ships.

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