Field of R&D

Design and analysis for hull form

Hull form is determined by principal dimensions, hull form coefficients representing the geometric characteristics, shape and profile of bow and stern, longitudinal and vertical distribution of displacement, cross section curve. Hull form must be designed with clear understanding not only qualitative impacts but also quantitative impacts on ship performance. We fully understand the parameters and accurately estimate the speed you want to achieve in order to accomplish the optimum results. During the initial design, design concepts should be developed considering the relationship between the following parts of the hull and the major fluid dynamic performance.

Therefore, various design elemets should be considered, such as uniformity of flow distribution to create an environment favorable to propeller performance and minimization of maximum wake.

Ship Basic Design and Production Design

Sales Design

Provide of initial design for writing basic specification and sales

Technical documentation for contracts
Shipowner Technology Comsultation and Basic Specification Form
Make Initial Design Drawing
Comfirm the expected purchase material specification and complete the purchase requisition

Basic Design

Optimum performance for various ship types, specification and design of aluminum ship

Provide optimal hull form through R&D
Create a general layout(GA)
Create central cross section
Write a strength statement
Ship stability analysis
Technical meeting with shipowner
Creation of approval drawing of korea ship safety technicalogy authority(KST)

Detailed design

Optimal structure determination and equipment layout design based on basic design

Create detailed structural drawings
Create various diagrams
Shaft, Rudder design
Preparation of ship specification form
Preparation of various ship area layout

Production design

Production design according to production site characteristics

3D modeling
Create a nesting drawing
Create a Ship machinery shop drawing/setting drawing
Create a production/installation equipment information
Providing various production technical technical data

Research of Unmanned Ship

Digitalization and Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships(MASS) are navigation satellite(GPS), infrared camera, and various sensors related navigation to enhance safety during ship operation. Major equipment and technologies are as follows.
- High-performance shipboard control system(Maritime Automous high performance shipboard bridge) : Operate the ship during Maritime Automous, optimize energy efficiency, prevent collision after recognizing the surrounding situation, and provide safety support
- Maritime Automous engine room : engine status, energy efficiency monitoring and data transfer to the ground control center
- High-performance detection system(Infrared camera, GPS, navigation system, etc.) : Collects and analyes various information around a ship that can not be seen by the human. At the ground control center, crew members monitor and control ship operations around the world. And Interactive smart screen, voice recognition service, hologram and surveillance drones to monitor situations inside and outside the vessel

<Concept of unmanned ship operation>

<Unmanned ship under development>

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